Budget, execute, control & monitor technical expenses of vessels – fuel, crew, surveys, maintenance etc.

• Hands – on preventive & corrective maintenance of vessel propulsion systems, steering gears, towing gear, deck machineries, electrical systems, generators and cargo gear.

• Hands – on preventive & corrective maintenance of hull, water tight compartments, other deck fittings / appurtenances.

• Supervise maintenance of bridge equipment, navigational systems, LSA/FFA gear.

• Coordinate Class, Insurance, Warranty surveys & audits, closure of survey/audit recommendations & maintaining validity of Class & Insurance of vessels.

• Coordinate & handle Port state / Flag state inspections, recommendations & action plans.

• Plan & execute dry docking of vessels as per Class requirements.

• Supervise maintenance of own shore cranes, jetties, bollards & buoyage.

• New buildings, S & P assistance as required.

• Local & overseas travel as required.

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