How to boost UPSC Prelims Marks in 30 days (Video)

Prelims Marks Booster Program - Important ActsIt is possible to increase your UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam marks by 30-50 marks by adopting the right processes and techniques.

We have come across many aspirants who when they take mock exams score only in the ’70s and ’80s out of 200 and find it really hard to score above 100 (general category cut-off in previous years).

The reason is not just the lack of knowledge, but ignorance about the right practises and techniques to correctly answer a question – even when unsure of the answer.

Proper training, as conducted in the ClearIAS Prelims Marks Booster Program, can make a big difference in the marks of aspirants!

ClearIAS Prelims Marks Booster Program

ClearIAS is reputed for the smart work approach, which has boosted the marks of many toppers in previous years.

Prelims Marks Booster Program 2021

Invest just 2 hours per day.

See the big jumb in your marks!

Know more

Our best-selling Prelims Test Series can now be supplemented with an online course – ClearIAS Prelims Marks Booster – to get a big edge when compared with your competitors.

Our methods include focus on (1) Repeated Question Areas (2) Probable New Question Areas (3) Intelligent Elimination Techniques.

All you need to devote to this program is just 2 hours per day!

Attend a free Class of ClearIAS Prelims Marks Booster Program!

ClearIAS Prelims Marks Booster Program is a gap-bridging online course to help you boost UPSC CSE Prelims marks in a short time (30 days – just 2 hours per day!).

Prelims cum Mains Program 2022

Adopt ClearIAS ‘smart work’ approach. Learn fast and focused!

Learn online under expert guidance.

Save your time, effort, and money!

Get Admission

The first 3 classes of the ClearIAS Prelims Marks Booster Program are free of all aspirants.

You can attend the classes from this link.

To get the full benefit of the premium program, join ClearIAS Prelims Marks Booster Program 2021.

The fee of the program is just Rs.4999.

Note: If you wish to get access to ClearIAS Prelims Test Series (Paper 1 and Paper 2), ClearIAS Previous Year UPSC Re-Take Exams based on the official key (Paper 1 and Paper 2), along with ClearIAS Prelims Marks Booster Program, join the Plus Program – ClearIAS Prelims Marks Booster Plus.

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